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NEET Courses

Unleash Your Potential

Join us on this transformative NEET journey, where together, we will pave the way for a brighter future in the medical field.

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Popular Courses


Class 6 - 10

Foundation Course

Courses For 6th to 10th standard students to achieve their dream career


Class 11 - 12

Regular NEET

Regular Coaching classes for 11th and 12th students to crack NEET.


Class 12+

Repeater NEET

Regular Coaching classes for 11th and 12th students to crack NEET

How It Works



We are committed to helping our students achieve their goals by providing them with the best possible resources and support.

Interactive Classes

Each course has structured modules that are available from anywhere, including your home, and feature live, two-way interactive sessions.

Monitor & Feedback

Parents receive weekly

reports and grade cards,

which are very helpful in helping them comprehend

the situation and track their child's performance.


Scholar Spectra has created accelerated programs to support academic enquiry, capitalizing on the integrated research-teaching environment at our disposal.

Quality Information

Our website offers dynamic information that guarantees students will have answers to all of their questions.

Hostel Facility

We help students save

valuable time so that they

can concentrate on their academics.


Throughout the course,

regular counselling sessions encourage the pursuit of unwavering focus.

Personal Attention

For efficient one-to-one watching, evaluating, and guiding, staff members

arrange groups of students under their supervision.


Scholar Spectra students are in the best position to further their education via academic engagement that blends theory and practise in a demanding skills

Our Featuers

Benefits of studying at 

Make It easier for all students to do learning in SCHOLAR SPECTRA 

With Well trained Professionals making it easier for students to learn the concepts easily understandable.

Affordable Fees

Easy learning from Knowledge Instructors

Unique course design that prioritises results

Complete study resources

Individual focus for superior results

Adding value to video lectures


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Scholar Spectra Online Academy for NEET / JEE and Other Competitive Exams

Enroll today in our online classes and take the first step towards achieving your academic goals from the comfort of your own home!

Learn from top educators in your city

In-person classes & doubt solving

Bonus access to online learning

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